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Hedge Work

Gardens of Distinction Ltd offer a professional hedge maintenance service, whether it's a one-off hard cut back or regular clipping to achieve a neat and tidy formal or informal hedge.

We specialise in the planting, trimming and reduction of hedges whether you want a total solid wind break or for a privacy hedge we can advise you. We can also get your conifers in tiptop condition ready for the summer.

Using the best power machines available, we never need to use any electrical power from your mains, so we can get on with the job with no disturbance to the customer.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in planning how to plant and lay out borders of any size using shrubs (Evergreen) and herbaceous perennials and also annual and biannuals.

Hedges can provide boundary definition, privacy, and a backdrop to your garden. They can also be used as internal partitioning or shelter for smaller shrubs and plants.

The amount of maintenace required depends on the type of hedge, species and variety of your hedges.

Formal hedges are kept clipped to a specific shape or size and so require regular maintenance and need to be trimmed about twice per year.

Informal hedges should be trimmed after flowering.

The base of all hedges need to be kept free from weeds so they are not robbed of water and nutrients.

Call us on 0800 707 6018. We can maintain your garden from £25.

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