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Turf Laying

Gardens of Distinction offer a complete turf supply and laying service.

You can choose your grade of turf from many options.

Ground preparation and top-dressing is essential for your desired choice of grass, whether it is luxury grass (such as Agrostis bent or Festuca fescue commutata) to utility grass (such as Poa pratensis or lolium perenne).

Here we are extending a customers lawn to keep the garden low maintenance, turf is inexpensive and immediate.


Turl Laying Case Study

Here it's time to lay the turf. The area was approximately 100 square meters and the turf comes in 1 metre squares for easy measuring and fitting.

Before laying the turf, ensure the ground is level and firm. It's always a good idea to water the soil prior to laying the turf.

It's also worth making note that turf level should be slightly higher than the surrounding ground in order to give allowance for the turn to settle.

We use the offset-pattern method of laying turf and use boards and planks to ensure we don't damage the turf.

The finished result.

Call us on 0800 707 6018 about our turf-laying service and turf supplies.

We can also maintain your garden from £25.


Advantages of Turf

  • Gives an instant effect
  • Faster and easier
  • Ground does not need as much preparation as seeding.

A product such as seeded turf is also available. This is a turf grown from seed on a specially prepared base. This combines the advantages of turf and seed but is more expensive.

Click here for more information and advice about laying turf.

Here we are turf repairing a piece of ground ready for turf approxiamately 4m x 5m area due to grass becoming overran with moss and thatch and sometimes poor drainage.